Dear Panasonic,

February 17, 2010

I’m sorry I called you a crackhead, really.

It was just a little joke. Can we still be friends?

Recently, we all learned that your Lumix GH1 has the best sensor of any Micro Four Thirds camera. That’s great!

And I think the native multi-aspect-ratio feature is awesome too. (You do that nicely on several cameras, like the LX3.)

But the only way you’re letting us purchase the GH1 is in a kit with a hulking, slow superzoom. That lens sold on its own costs $850, so I’m sure this really drives up the price of the combo.

The GH1 has great HD video capabilities, and I understand that the zoom is optimized for this purpose (with quieter motors, etc.)

But but for stills photography, the GH1 also has class-leading high ISO performance. Available-light shooters would surely appreciate a smaller body that can still deliver the goods at ISO 800.

I’m one of them.

So as an alternative, why not also bundle the GH1 with your excellent 20mm f/1.7 pancake?

GH1 and Pancake

Shaky Photoshopping of GH1 and Pancake

The 20mm is over two and a half stops faster! And presumably, you could offer a GH1 kit for a lot less money then. Like $400 less.

It would also make the combo dramatically smaller and less obtrusive. And the pancake’s “wide-normal” 40e focal length is actually one I find exceptionally handy.

You might sell a few extra GH1’s that way.



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