Photokina 2010

June 6, 2010

I’m puzzled why there is so much buzz recently about cameras & whatnot which might be introduced “at Photokina.”

Has everyone forgotten that it’s more than three months away?


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  1. Olivier Giroux Says:

    Because Photokina only happens every other year, and most companies can only put out really big refreshes at that frequency, it has become the de-facto standard place and time to release important products. By gravitational pull it creates a vaccuum around itself, where things that would launch earlier are pushed out and things that would launch after are pulled in.

    Example of a few products that were launched at Photokina : Pana G1, 50D, 5D Mk-II, M8, M8.2, D80, D90. Sometimes things get launched a bit ahead (like in this current period we’re in) then later history is rewritten to claim “launch at photokina” (see: D700).

    Half of the cameras listed above were milestone cameras, in the top 10 memorable cameras of digital photography. This drives huge expectations for enthusiasts and hence “buzz” of things introduced “at photokina”.

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