DxO Mark Relaunch

June 22, 2010

As of 22 June 2010, the DxO Mark website has been redesigned and greatly expanded—now adding tests of lens/sensor combinations.

There’s certainly an enormous amount of new information there to chew over, although presented in a somewhat bewildering format.

Unfortunately one side effect of the change is that it has broken all of the links my articles included to their sensor comparisons.

Sorry about that. I may try to fix a few of them as I have time.


Well, now THAT was exciting

January 24, 2010

So, here’s what happened in these past few days here at petavoxel:

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Welcome To My Week

This is all great and flattering, of course. But I am a little concerned that 90% of those folks only saw my “diatribe” post. That article did kind of a shaky job of explaining the technical issues, compared to my other ones about noise, and diffraction. There were also two followups that clarified some points, and decoded camera pixel sizes. But the “Swindle” headline got the hits.

Ah well, that’s the internet for you.

But in more positive news—I promise I have absolutely nothing to say about the Apple tablet.